Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coyote Two Moon Ultras, Fri-Sun, March 21-23, 2008

The training is mostly done but the tapering has not yet begun. Wait a minute, does Gilles really taper? He running the Chuckanut 50 K on Saturday , less than 1 week before C2M.
All the travel arrangements are done. Flight down to LA from Vancouver. Rent car from airport. Stay at the Best Western in Ojai.
Vancouver representation at C2M: Gilles, John, Karl, Chad, Al - not bad.
Widow's Race Itinerary:
  • 4pm race starts for John and Gilles (race starts are staggered to have all runners finish within a 4 hour window).
  • 7:30 pm: Linda (John's wife) and I enjoy the long running Wicked at the Pantages theatre.
  • sometime after Wicked: Linda and I check on the boys, then off to bed
  • Sat am: go check on boys' progress
  • Enjoy a little sightseeing
  • Sat afternoon: check on boys, bring pizza to keep them going
  • More sightseeing
NO need to plan it all in advance, but you get the basic plan. Any thoughts on activities in the area?

PS: The big planning now is which knitting project to take with me.

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What a great site...Lucinda you've got serious talent!