Saturday, March 22, 2008

Race Report 1

They're off!
We had an anxious day waiting for everyone's start times.

Race Day Schedule:
  1. 9am Go to breakfast with a most of the Canadian runners: Chad, Karl, Shannon, John and Gilles
  2. 10 am Go to our respective hotel rooms to get stuff ready for the race. On the way up, Gilles starts to internalize quite how high the ridges are that he will be running on.
  3. 11 am Gilles and I go to the ranch to sign him in, have lunch and sit and wait
  4. 12:00 Barbecue lunch for runners and crew.
  5. 1pm: short race briefing
  6. 1:30 Foot preparations: I dutifully tape Gilles' feet to avoid those nasty blisters. Shannon thought that was a good idea and asked if I could do it for her. So, of course I obliged. After popping Baldwin's blisters last year, I decided prevention of other people's blisters may be the way to go.
  7. Gilles went to take a nap in the car while I hung around with the other fools
  8. 4pm race gun went off and the tippy turtles of the race went off: Gilles and John
  9. 6pm Al and Shannon start (supposedly - since Linda and I went off to see Wicked)
  10. 9pm Chad and Karl start (supposedly - since Linda and I went off to see Wicked)
The next time we can see them will be about noon, 3:15 and 9pm. We may not be able to post anything until late tonight.
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Audrey said...

Lucy, I hereby rename you the Blister Lady.