Sunday, March 16, 2008

Race / Trip Preparations

The countdown is on: 3 workdays left before we leave for LA and the preparations have begun. Today, we brought Linda our lawn chairs so we would have some place to sit at all the race events: before, during and after. Linda had a good a good idea of bringing some Fat Ass t-shirts since people all always asking us where they can get some. Ian also gave us some brochures to give out.

Tonight, Gilles prepared his drop bags. After much fiddling and maneuvering, its all ready. This trip is a little harder to prepare for since we will be flying. At the back of our minds, there is a nagging fear that airlines could lose our luggage. So, Gilles will be bringing the essentials in his carry on: a drop bag or 2, his trail shoes and water bottle holder.

I, too, began my preparations. Today, I put the finishing touches on a skirt that I wanted to wear on this trip. Nothing special, mostly sentimental. I bought the fabric last year while Gilles and the boys ran Big Horn. Linda and I had a blast exploring all the quilt / yarn shops in a 100 mile radius. That same trip, I bought some yarn to make a sweater. At the end of the day, when we had fun looking at all our our purchases, I realized that the yarn was a perfect match to the skirt fabric.
Now with the decision to go see Wicked, I thought that this might be the perfect outfit to start the 2008 100 mile season. The skirt is now finished and I have about 3 inches left on the sweater. Of course, I will still need to sew it together. Heck, that can always be done on the plane ride.

I also began cutting some fabric so that I can do a bit of hand piecing. Hopefully, this pattern will keep me going throughout the running season.

Quilt Shop: Best Kept Secret
Yarn Shop: The Fiber Shop

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Hyson said...

You had your drop bags packed on Sunday? Wow... you are ahead of the game, I'll be doing mine tonight, see you tomorrow in LA.