Saturday, March 22, 2008

Race Update

The good news:
  1. Gilles is doing great. He is scheduled to finish around midnight. Unfortunately, he miscalculated the times and should have started later. This meant that many times the aid stations were not yet set up. I saw him at the last one, Cozy Dell, where I waited 3 hours to be sure not to miss him. He looks great a little dehydrated but in good spirits nonetheless
  2. John is doing great but moving at a sluggish pace. He is proud to say that not only did he get bit by a tick, he ran into a nighttime aid station stark naked. Apparently there are already pics on the web.
  3. Chad is doing great and Karl is just a little behind.
  4. Shannon was doing great but has since run into some chaffing and blister problems. However, her tough as nails attitude and super duper support is keeping her going.
  5. No new on Al, Charlie or Van. After spending a day of trying to chase the elusive Gilles, I was not able to figure out where they were.


Audrey said...

Hi Lucy, thanks for the post - heard from Charlie that he dropped out at 40 mi., just couldn't keep anything down. First 100 he hasn't finished if you can believe it.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

Anonymous said...

nice work Gilles and crew. not so slow after all. so now you'll have to come with me to hard rock next year.

Let us know about the rest of the fools when you get the word.